Meet Dyventive

Wednesday, February 1st

4:45PM– 5:45PM | Utilize technology to enhance adult learning, Boost attendee interaction and improve meeting data Collection: Panelist, Frank Zink, Dyventive Vice President of Sales

Featuring Dyventive’s Own:
Frank Zink, VP of Sales

Frank Zink will be speaking at the 5th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit later this month. He has over 15 years experience in strategic business development to the Life Sciences meetings and events industry. He leads the sales team at Dyventive to help clients by providing creative and cost-effective Production, Audio-Visual and Business Equipment Rental solutions domestically and internationally. Most recently, Frank assisted in pioneering the virtual technology solutions Dyventive offers and has become an expert in the design and execution of virtual/hybrid meetings and web broadcasts to meet specific business objectives.

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